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Guthrie, Oklahoma
is a National
Historic Landmark
alive with the spirit
of the early days of
the Oklahoma Territory.
324 N. Drexel  /  Guthrie, OK 73044 / 405 260-0170
n  e  l  l    t  h  a  l  a  s  i  n  o  s
As an artist I have lived many lives. It has been a long and
interesting journey to 2015, starting with a degree in
Costume Design, Fashion Illustration in 1967. I have
worked in many areas of advertising, graphic design and
promotion. It was my good fortune to live in New York
for 16 years where I continued my education at Parson's
School of Design. I've done my time in sales for both
printing/graphics and radio and for several years had my
own company designing and developing products for the
needlework industry. That company was the first incarnation
of Tapestry Graphics which is still an active graphic design

studio with clients from many business sectors including
tourism, medical, industrial and corporate. Today, Tapestry
Graphics specializes in image development, web design,

handling all phases of concept, design and production.

For seven years, I owned Sandstone Gallery,
a fine art
and American Craft Gallery
in Historic Guthrie,
Oklahoma. That experience gave me a real sense of
what appeals to the discriminating buyer.

I have always had an interest in rocks and minerals and
a love of beautiful jewelry. In 2002 I began designing Terra
Bijou, meaning "Earth Jewel". An extensive background
in computer graphics led to the utilization of that
technology in the actual design process. I have developed

design techniques that allow for great flexibility that
enhances the creative process as well as the finished piece.

This is where high tech meets "The Bones of the Earth" ...
resulting in a dramatic and beautifully crafted adornment.

The hallmark of Terra Bijou is the use of lamp work glass

beads, fancy druseys, jaspers, agates, and an unlimited
variety of other minerals, fossils and gemstones.  

I live and work in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where I enjoy local
volunteer activities, many promoting the wonderful historic
aspects of my hometown. My current companion is Booteezsa,

a feisty 17 year old tortie-point Himalayan cat who watches
the world go by in Guthrie's historic district.   
TBP 152
Nell Thalasinos